Music is arguably the only art form that has the ability to intrinsically inspire the human spirit. For some this inspiration manifests as an emotional rush, both exciting and visceral. For others it is transcendental in nature, propelling them into the metaphysical realm of the psyche, striking chords within their consciousness that can be activated only in this aural medium. Realism is the primary constituent in transporting the listener to a rich emotive experience. The more real reproduced music sounds, the closer the listener can get to achieving a state of mind that some equate to Nirvana. The tonality of singers’ voices and the intonation of their lyrics aren’t simply heard; rather, they are experienced when real. Stringed, woodwind and brass instruments become full of life, creating warm and rich timbers that embrace the listener, drawing him into the music.

High Fidelity Design Group NYC

Andrea Bocelli will stand before you as he performs in the hills of Tuscany. Sit center orchestra and watch Leonard Bernstein conduct the New York Philharmonic and be amazed as the acoustic nuances of Carnegie Hall fill your room. Travel downtown for a smoky nightclub feel, reminiscent of the 1980s at the Blue Note. The coarse texture of Louie Armstrong’s voice accompanied by the soothing tone of Ella’s will take you back to Autumn in New York. Stand in the crowd among thousands of screaming fans as you witness Led Zeppelin deliver a legendary performance in Madison Square Garden. And do all this from the comfort of your desired living space.

The experience is personal and individualized for everyone; therefore, each system will be designed and customized to meet your unique expectations. The result is an experience that is unforgettable.