The visionary goals of High Fidelity Design Group are concise and streamlined: we strive for a minimalist approach with the utmost attention to detail. The ultimate goal is to reproduce a natural and lifelike musical performance, whether it be a live or studio recording, in the comfort of your home or alternative living space.

High Fidelity Design Group | High-End Audio NYC

We are not a retailer in the traditional sense; HFDG is a globally deployable design/consulting boutique whose primary purpose is to provide a unique service to its clients. We come directly to you and design your entire system from the ground up. The process from consultation to installation of the final product is comprehensive and structured to personalize each system according to musical taste, environment and desired aesthetic.


A critical aspect in the preproduction stages of designing a high fidelity system customized with specific listening tastes in mind is a one-on-one consultation with HFDG’s founder Robert Entenmann. We strongly suggest that the consultation be conducted in person; however, we will conference via SKYPE if distance or scheduling conflicts make it impractical to do so. The consultation will reveal details and concerns that will prove indispensable in achieving world-class sound in the living space and aesthetic you desire.


HFDG designs systems in the following media:

  • Dedicated Listening Room
  • Integration into existing Home Theater
  • Living Area
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Yacht

No task is too lofty or simple for our team. Whether you decide to build a dedicated sound room to maximize acoustic potential or a cozy bedroom system, we are up for the challenge. More sophisticated systems typically require outsourcing in the following areas for which we manage all details:

  • Acoustic Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Contracting
  • Electrical

All high fidelity systems require some degree of maintenance. This is especially true of tubed systems and those that utilize turntables. Digitally sourced solid-state systems are far less maintenance-intensive. HFDG offers the option of purchasing an annual maintenance package or individual service appointments. Consistent maintenance of your equipment will ensure that it operates at its maximum potential while subsequently protecting your investment.


High Fidelity Design Group provides a lifetime of complimentary technical support for its clients. Technical support constitutes troubleshooting operational issues and additional concerns a client may have via voice or email.


In addition to system design, HFDG offers a unique and proprietary service to our clients. All of the music listened to on a high fidelity system is recorded, and therefore the quality of the recording is paramount. Based on information acquired via the consultation, our team will investigate which recordings are superior in terms of sound quality for the respective genres/artists specified. It is almost always the case that a particular arrangement of music has been recorded multiple times and sometimes by multiple artists, especially in the genres of Classical and Jazz. Settling for anything but the best recordings would prove nonsensical after making such an investment. The Research Assistance Program provides a simple solution to ensure that you have only quality recordings in your personal collection.


Minimum Commitment for Complete System Design: 250K USD