Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

VRDS-NEO [VMK-5] Transport Mechanism Improves Reading Accuracy

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

The unique VRDS-NEO VMK-5 transport mechanism featured in this new player incorporates high-precision turntable that greatly improves reading accuracy by mechanically correcting for disc surface run-out. Its hybrid construction integrates precision-machined aluminum with polycarbonate to help minimize rotational inertia. Formed of high-rigidity BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) and steel, the hybrid turntable bridge also makes a significant contribution to the suppression of rotational vibration and run-out. The transport’s spindle motor realizes further improvements in reading accuracy with an advanced servo control that uses rotation detection circuitry. Mechanical operations such as opening and closing the tray and clamping the disc are performed by a unique differential gear system. This proprietary* Esoteric technology ensures exceptionally smooth disc loading operation.


Pursuing Radical Evolution, Not Nominal Improvements

Reborn with a new ‘X’ designation, the K-05X and K-07X command central roles in Esoteric’s superb lineup of Super Audio CD players, and should really be considered ‘all-new,’ having been infused with the very essence of our flagship Grandiose models.

These new players achieve the very tenets of Esoteric’s design philosophy, conveying to the listener all the emotional expression of music without a hint of stress.

With totally revamped audio electronic circuitry, these two new ‘X’ models eschew all compromise, and renew the lineage of the K Series.



Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

VOSP* Mechanism With Axial Sliding Pickup

Esoterics unique VOSP* mechanism employs the same axial sliding pick-up assembly used in our premier Grandiose line of high-end SACD players. As the pickup lens moves, the laser beam maintains an ultra-precise perpendicular optical axis orientation relative to the disk surface, ensuring highly accurate reading of audio data. The VOSP mechanism is rigidly held by a robust steel plate and an 8mm-thick large-diameter steel stabilizer for superior anti-resonance and anti-vibration properties.

Refined Dual Mono D/A Converters Derived From Top-of-the-Line Components

The D/A converters analog output circuitry features both excellent high-end resolution and natural musical texturing that only high-end components such as Esoteric’s K Series SACD players can offer. Centered around Asahi Kasei¬s high-end AK4490* 32-bit DAC, this circuitry accentuates the expressive power of these players with 4 parallel/differential circuits and 8 outputs driving each channel—twice that of conventional players in terms of circuit scale—to further enhance sound quality with excellent linearity and low distortion.

Arranged in a discreet dual mono configuration, the D/A converters and analog output circuitry are laid out in parallel on either side of the board, and are completely isolated from the digital signal processing circuitry, achieving superb channel separation.

Technology developed for the Grandiose C1 Linestage Preamplifier is also employed in the power supply, which features EDLC (Electronic Double-Layer Capacitors). This regulated power supply boasts an astounding total capacity of 500,000μF per channel for exceptional low-frequency sound reproduction.

Proprietary Esoteric-HCLD* Type 2 Current-Enhancing Output Buffer Circuit

Playing a critical role in the superb sound quality achieved by these new ‘X’ version SACD players, further improvements were also made to their analog output circuitry. Providing excellent current transmission capability as well as a strong drive output, both players now employ Esoteric-HCLD* Type 2 buffer amplifier circuitry like that first used in such high-end models as our C1 Linestage Preamplifier. Two of these buffer circuits are installed per channel and configured differentially to drive the XLR outputs, and in parallel to drive the RCA outputs. By transmitting the wide dynamic range of the musical signal in its entirety and providing a strong drive to connected equipment, the full dynamism of music is recreated with a sense of realism that will take your breath away.

High-Speed, Large-Capacity Power Supply

The K-05X is equipped with a large, high-efficiency, high-powered toroidal transformer, while the K-07X uses a full-sized EI-core transformer. Each is custom-designed to ensure excellent sound quality. High-output power supply circuitry further combines with an array of large capacitors to provide clean and steady power to all circuit blocks.

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

34-Bit D/A Processing

Employing a 34-bit D/A processing algorithm with an encoding resolution that is an astounding 1,024 times greater than that of 24-bit encoding, multiple 32-bit DAC devices were combined to convert the high-resolution 34-bit PCM signal to analog. In the digital range, full advantage is taken of high-bit data gradation to minimize calculation errors and provide faithful conversion to analog, thereby attaining outstanding powers of expression with even extremely small music signals.

High-Precision VCXO Clock

A high-precision VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillator) supplies a highly accurate reference clock signal to the digital circuitry. The K-05X¬s large, custom-designed VCXO was jointly developed with Nihon Dempa Kogyo (NDK), a leading manufacturer of crystal oscillators. Incorporating an unusually large crystal element, this VCXO realizes both excellent center accuracy (±0.5ppm*) and extremely low levels of phase noise to ensure exceptional sound playback quality.

Esoteric K-05X / K-07X | Esoteric Dealer NYC

Playable Disc Types
Super Audio CD, CD (including CD-R and CD-RW)

Analog Audio Outputs

Output Impedance
Maximum Output Level
XLR: (2 ch) × 1 pair | RCA: (2 ch) × 1 pair
XLR: 20Ω | RCA: 20Ω 
XLR: 5.0 Vrms | RCA: 2.5 Vrms
(at 1kHz, 10k load)

Super Audio CD XLR Output

Frequency Response
S/N Ratio
5Hz to 70kHz (−3 dB)
0.0007% (1kHz)

Digital Audio Output

RCA Jack
Digital Optical Port
USB-B Port
0.5 Vp-p (into 75Ω) × 1
−21 to −15 dBm peak × 1
USB 2.0 Standard × 1

Digital Audio Input

RCA Connector
Digital Optical Port
USB-B Port
0.5 Vp-p (into 75Ω) × 1
−24.0 to −14.5 dBm Peak × 1
USB 2.0 Standard × 1

Clock Sync Input

Supported Input Frequencies (±15 ppm)
Input Impedance
Input Level
44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz,
10, 22.5792, 24.576MHz
Rectangle Wave: Equivalent to TTL Levels,
Sine Wave: 0.5 to 1.0 Vrms (50 to 75)


Power Supply
Power Consumption
External Dimensions (W×H×D, including protrusions)
European Model 230V AC, 50Hz
USA/Canada Model 120V AC, 60Hz
S. Korea Model 220V AC, 60Hz
K-05X: 23W | K-07X: 27W
445 × 131 × 355 mm (17 5/8 × 5 1/4 × 14″)
14kg (30 7/8 lb)

Included Accessories

Power Cord
Remote Control (RC-1301)
Batteries (AAA)
Owner’s Manual
Warranty Card
× 1
× 1
× 2
× 1
× 1