Robert E. has been involved in the music world since he was a young child. During his early childhood, he received classical training on the piano from an alumnus of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Later, he became proficient in playing the trumpet and picked up the guitar to help cultivate his growing interest in singing/songwriting. Prior to attending university, he studied to become a songwriter in the genre of Rock & Roll at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. After playing with his classmen for a semester, he quickly discovered that Classic Rock was a movement of the past. Robert relocated to New York in hopes of transitioning into playing classical music once again. While attending Columbia University he felt compelled to study music composition, but after much deliberation decided to pursue a more academic route, majoring in philosophy. His career path thereafter comprised of sales focused positions in the luxury retail market and the luxury Real Estate market on the west side of Los Angeles. After a decade in both industries collectively, Robert decided to break away from the conventional and follow his passions, hence the formation of High Fidelity Design Group.

“The music itself could never take the place of my own passion in life.” ~ Luciano Pavarotti

High Fidelity Design Group NYC


High Fidelity Design Group was created with one goal in mind: to design and execute the world’s finest high fidelity systems. Attention to detail is one of the primary constituents in achieving this goal. Our team is comprised of qualified professionals with unwavering passion for their work. No rock is left unturned, no matter how small, from project inception to completion. World-class service is the touchstone of HFDG’s professional mannerisms, which lends itself to an uncompromised approach in design and implementation. In addition to our competent staff, HFDG employs numerous subcontractors both domestically and internationally, providing a specialist for each specific element of system design from the initial sketch to application of refined blueprints. Robert believes every business should have a focal point, and at HFDG it is crystal clear: to recreate live and studio recordings with unparalleled realism. The most discerning client’s expectations are sure to be met from the first note.